The Teeny Tiny Vintage Designers Challenge - Part 2

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part 2A quick recap in case you missed part 1 of my blog post on theTeeny Tiny Vintage designers challenge. Several weeks ago the lovely Vittoria from Teeny tiny Vintage set a challenge for 3 of her facebook followers. Vittoria’s  challenge?  She would supply some identical materials for 4 people (including herself) which they would all make something from using the items (plus a couple of their own additions) and in return provide a photo of their clever makes so we could all appreciate the different designers ideas, inspirations and final creations. Well, three of Vittoria’s fellow crafters were quick to put themselves forward for the challenge: Stone Lodge Crafts, DottyDaisies and Mother Hem

I thought this was just such a brilliant idea, so offered Vittoria a choice of Heidi’s Den designer fabric (to use as one of the identical materials for the challenge). After a good browse around the Heidi’s Den fabrics, she chose the gorgeous Dashwood Studio Wildwood Toadstools fabric and off it went in the post to the different designers along with Vittoria’s other items!

Well the deadline has now passed and the designer photos are back in!! Ta Da!! (see image, right)

Simply loving the final results, all so different and all so fab, not sure I could pick a favourite... but think you have all done the materials justice! Well done ladies and thanks for sharing your photos xx

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  1. Vittoria Robatto

    That all look lovely xxx Well done ladies xx And thanks Sarah xx

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